Plan Capital Day Tour & Trips to Historical Sites with Londons Taxi

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Day Trip Buckingham Palace

With London being a iconic place from historical times it has so much going on. The city is most likely known for Queen Elizabeth II’s (Monarch of the United Kingdom) residential palace and her longest chain of realms. As the Queen resides at one the most enchanting palaces in the world, with it’s 775 rooms aligned with the largest private garden in London. However, the commoners can visit the palace and appreciate its beauty. Being the home of British Monarchs while in London, the Queen much prefers staying at Windsor castle and uses Buckingham as office.

The Queen is a woman of mystery and has set certain rules for her guards to acknowledge. Every morning around 10:45 the palace guards line up for the Changing of the Guard. It’s a glimpse of chivalry and respect. Although, catching a sight is quite difficult while being in the crowd. In comparison to the world’s largest palaces, Buckingham acquires 15th rank preferably covering an area of 40 acres. The experience will surely be delightful, just pick up your phone and reach out to

The winter trips can quite be rewarding as the rooms are open for the people for sightings. However, if you are lucky enough, you can also catch a glimpse of the Queen. Plan a tour to Buckingham Palace with the safest and most reliable taxi cab in London.

Full-Day Tour to Stonehenge and Bath

Heat in summer is completely unbearable. We usually lookout for places with showers, pools, and air conditioning. If you are visiting London and looking for trips where you can rise your best in the sunny weather, then try out Stonehenge and Bath. London is full of mystery and surrounded by iconic monuments. Stonehenge completely satisfies the term prehistoric as it has been here for more than 2500 years. Chilling isn’t it? Just imagine it’s like re-living a life 30 times. The stones are still intact without any sign of drift or algae deposits. One known fact about the location is that there was no known source from where the stones were imported or how they reached the location. It can either be a meteor hit or a supernatural formation.

To rejoice with ancient human history, plan a tour to mysterious Stonehenge and take a glimpse of these prehistoric stones forming a circle.

Also, accompanying the Stonehenge, you can visit the famous Bath in London. Bath is widely known for its scenic locations that include Roman Remains, cozy Restaurants, and fancy Shopping. Besides, the London Bath remains have been ruined and restored with beautiful museums that are listed among the highest attractions of London. Apart from the Roman-built dynasty, the city is famous for its great spas and hot springs.

Book a combined full day tour to Stonehenge & Bath covering all the beautiful and remnant sites of London. London Taxi drivers know it all. They are the best when it comes to safety & routes. We are entitled to experienced drivers who are London Knowledge test certified and behold the experience of about 40+ years.