Exciting Shopping Full-Day Trips Around London Or To Bicester Village

Are you a fashion enthusiast who loves discovering new clothing from different countries? If yes, you must have heard about Bicester village, located a little far from London. It is heaven for shoppers looking for expensive brands, designer outfits, and footwear. You can step into the fashion world by hiring the on-timed taxi and cab transport services offered at Londonstaxi. Moreover, you can find travel packages on full-day trips to Bicester village with us. Let us get in-depth information about Bicester village.


What is Bicester Village famous for?


Situated in the heart of Oxfordshire Countryside at a distance of one hour from London. Here are the significant causes that make Bicester Village a hotspot for people:


  • A Fashion Inspiration


The Bicester village is a famous location that has a concentration of 150+ fashion boutiques and brands. The Bicester Village is a complete vibe for shopaholics and is on sale all year around. You can find popular clothing brands like The White Company, Under Armour, Tory Burch and much more here.


  • Luxury Dining


Seize the beautiful scenario with toothsome delicacies served at the Soho House & Co’s farmshop. A place where you can dine under the great autumnal blue sky. The cafes and restaurants here offer picturesque backgrounds that will make you fall in love with the place’s vibe.


  • Customized Essentials


You can receive personalized assets and services such as a multilingual concierge, hands-free shopping, complimentary wifi connectivity etc. In addition, you can travel by train from Marylebone London to the centre of London. Or else you can book a black taxi service from Londonstaxi and reach the destination of your choice.


Can you find cheaper brands in Bicester Village?

Yes, the Bicester Village is a top-notch place to spot the best outlet shopping brands with expensive labels tucked on them. You can also see the labels offering 60-70% off on world-class brands on some of the brands. This wearable stuff can be captured at an affordable cost compared to its original retail prices. You can buy brands like Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Charlotte Tilbury, Mulberry, UGG, Dior, Prada, Burberry, Balenciaga, Max Mara and more.


Is it worth shopping in Bicester Village?

A trip to Bicester Village is worth the visit as you can enjoy amazing discounts on wardrobe collections offered by famous brands. British Luxury Brands are highly concentrated in the region. However, the discounts offered by non-British brands are minuscule compared to the British ones. On average, the overall shopping experience here will be less capital-intensive than in London Central. Also, you can find almost every clothing brand with a little searching.


How to experience the most of Bicester Village?

No place can be explored within a single space as so much is present in a particular region. So here’s a quick guide on how you can enjoy a day filled with leisure in Bicester Village:
Leave early if you are transporting through private modes such as cars and taxis. It can be fruitful to get a perfect place for parking.
Note that from Thursday till the end of August, the place closes by 10 pm. To be free of the timing hassles, reach on time and create your suppers to explore most of the brand stores within the day.
Climb the alfresco terraces of the beautiful cafes and open-air restaurants to enjoy colourful cocktails in the village square.



If you are planning to visit the Bicester Village, make sure to trace your watch’s needle. Also, you can save most of your time by pre-booking the Exciting shopping full-day trips around London or to Bicester village at Londonstaxi.