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Half or full day tour of London
The vibrant English capital is a must-see for any tourist or UK native who has not had the chance to visit it yet. Experience a melting pot of cultures in different parts of the city, a place where history – this settlement was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago! – meets modernity.

As with all of our tours, our customers can choose to follow a path suggested by our drivers or hand them in a list of requests with landmarks they are most interested in exploring.

Famous museums? Art galleries? In London, you can choose from anything in ancient history to modern art in that department. Plus, you can enter many of these incredible places (British Museum, National Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts) are completely admission free.

Now, if on the other hand, you are hoping to spend some money, a shopping spree at Oxford Street (home to over 300 shops, designer outlets, etc.) or the internationally renowned, luxurious Bond Street might be in order.

There is just so much to do and see! The postcard specials would be the iconic Big Ben, House of Parliament, the Queen’s London residence -The Buckingham Palace (make sure to plan the trip in a way to see the Changing of The Guard), the Tower Bridge.

You will also see some stunning architecture (The Shard, The Gherkin, St Paul’s Cathedral) while being driven around town in an Airconditioned comfortable Mercedes London taxi, and if you are feeling like exploring something in more detail along the way? Just say the word. We will try to do everything in our power to make this tour an unforgettable experience for you!

Tour to Stonehenge and Bath
Probably among the most iconic and well-known monuments in the world, the mysterious, pre-historic site at Stonehenge still captivates people who see it. Although it has been here for over 2500 years after being built in the late Neolithic period, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding this World Heritage Site – which you can visit on a day tour with our company.

How did the massive stones aligned into an imposing circle come to be there? Was there some supernatural or perhaps even extra-terrestrial power involved? What was their function? The on-site guides and the adjacent Visitor Centre will provide you with answers to at least some of these questions.

However, as many of our clients have stated in the past, the best thing about coming to Stonehenge was not what you learn, but what you feel. Experiencing (touching, even!) a true remnant of the distant human past.

A similar feeling can be found while touring the present-day city of Bath which once housed the finest spas in which the elites of the ancient world spent their time. The Baths’ ruins have been restored and changed into a museum that always ranks very high on the various UK most popular tourist attractions lists. No wonder! With various displays and a collection of items, sculptures, and other relicts of the Roman days, it is hard to overlook.

Try the combined Stonehenge and Bath tour to spend a day travelling in time and – while moving from one spot to the next one – doing so in safety and comfort, with a professional driver at the wheel.

Day tour of Kent (The garden of England)
This county in South-East England is special for a variety of reasons. All the way back in the XVI century, King Henry VIII coined the name “The Garden of England” for this area and it stuck ever since, For good reason, too!

Kent is known for its flower gardens, the abundance of fruit-growing, its fertile soils, and the mostly green, rolling hills. It should not surprise anyone then that two large parts of this county have been officially classified as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (the North Downs and High Weald).

What can you see on a tour of this region? Start perhaps with the Sissinghurst Castle Garden. Once a prison, now an internationally known landmark with gardens designed as rooms with different colors and scents. More beauty is to be found in the Pashley Gardens (fountains, tulips, roses, dahlias) and the excellently preserved Walmer Castle and Gardens. This Tudor, English Heritage site is not only beautiful, has a story of its own to tell, but also provides tourists with a glorious view of the sea.

While in Kent, it is good to remember that the Straits of Dover and the iconic White Cliffs of Dover are nearby. Through the Strait, France and mainland Europe are just 21 miles (34 kilometers) away! On a sunny day, you will be able to see the other coast from the top of the White Cliffs. And since they stretch for 8 miles so why not a relaxing stroll there in between other waypoints on your Kent tour?

Oxford and Blenheim Palace Day Trip
Just 56 miles away from London stands the famous university town, Oxford. It is of course here that Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world has been created and is still functioning as the most prestigious higher education institution on the globe. Hoping to send your children to study there and want to inspect the grounds first? Or maybe you are a graduate who felt nostalgic and would like to revisit? We are happy to help!

As our tours will help you understand, Oxford is worth seeing for more reasons than just their university. For starters, architecture lovers will find here buildings in every style from the late Anglo-Saxon era. This city has a long history behind it!

The same can be said for Blenheim Palace – the only house in England that is non-royal, non-episcopal, yet it holds the title of “palace”. That is no small feat. And no small building as well! With the site being 28,000 m² large, there is even a special small railway that connects the Palace and its many gardens.

The surrounding park and gardens cumulate into so much green beauty around the Palace that visitors can spend literally hours on pleasant walks there. Also, the Palace was the filming location for the popular and beloved TV show “Downton Abbey”

Day trip to Birghton
Brighton, which was repeatedly voted “The Happiest Place To Live In The UK” is just 47 miles (76 kilometers) away from London. Why not choose one of our comfortable airconditioned taxis and experienced driver to take you there on a quick day trip?

This seaside area is continually very popular amongst tourists. The large beach in Brighton is a place you can relax in and soak up some sun near the water. While there, why not take a walk down the promenade that stretches out till the neighboring city of Hove? The colorful shops and kiosks along the way offer prints and crafts by local artists at great prices. Another must-see in Brighton is the local Palace Pier with slot-machines, candy floss, and of course fish and chips.

The city has a vibrant and rich arts scene. There are also some famous street-art pieces out there to be found. First among them is Banksy’s iconic “Kissing Policemen” on the Prince Albert Pub. A short walk further stands the “wall of former rockstars” – painted across an entire building’s wall and constantly updated, it is a tribute to some of our favorite musical heroes.

By leaving the city just for a moment, nearby, in the South Downs National Park, you can see the Seven Sisters – the unique, chalk cliffs by the English Channel. The White Cliffs of Dover (check our Day Tour of Kent offer!) might be more famous, but the Seven Sisters are a sight every bit as breathtaking!

Day trip to Cambridge
The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 which means that when visiting Cambridge, you are visiting a place where some of the world’s brightest minds have been studying to then help create a better world for 800 years now! The University campus is really something to behold with architecture pieces like the King’s College Chapel (a true Tudor masterpiece) or the Cambridge University Library (which holds over 9 million items!).

This town however is not just all about the distant past and its glorious history. With over 30% of the local population being made up of students, you can trust that the arts and pub scenes here are not to be underestimated. After all, Roger Waters and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Olivia Newton-John, and Alt-J all have been born and raised in Cambridge!

You can choose to learn about these stories from a guide while sitting at the back of pun on the River Cam. Punting is a local tradition and a great way to see the town from the water and its picturesque bridges under which you will be gliding. Back on the shore, you might want to take a walk down “The backs”, a green path that stretches along the river and behind some of the most beautiful local college buildings.

On the way to or from Cambridge, you might want to stop in the nearby city of Duxford to visit the Imperial War Museum. Their collection of vehicles and planes (you can enter most of them and see how it felt to be the pilot) is really unmatched.

Day trip to Windsor
Home to the Royal Family for over 900 years, the Windsor Castle and surrounding areas make a fantastic day trip idea. Choose our company to deliver you to and from this royal residence – safely in our airconditioned Mercedes London taxi (which can carry up to six passengers}.

What exactly is Windsor Castle and why is it so important? For a start, we are talking about the currently oldest and largest occupied castle in the world! Luckily, the grounds are also open to visitors throughout the year. If you get lucky during your tour, you might even see Her Majesty The Queen there as she tends to spend most of her private weekends at this castle. It was the home of 38 monarchs before her!

And you will definitely be able to tell who lived there when passing through some of the luxurious state-rooms and apartments which have been decorated by the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt.

Outside of the castle walls, the top experts in gardening have made sure that Windsor Castle has the most beautiful surroundings possible. The Round Tower and St. George’s Chapel (the venue of the latest royal wedding and burial ground for 10 British monarchs) – both famous for their unique architecture – add even more to the experience.

While planning your visit, remember to take some time to see the Changing of Guard. It is similar to the one at Buckingham Palace, but here the troops are marching some 500m from their barracks through the town of Windsor – which makes for a special spectacle.

Bicester Village Outlet Shopping Trip
A shopping trip like no other you have ever enjoyed. Bicester Village is one of the world’s leading luxury shopping destinations. It is something more: an international, cultural phenomenon with only 11 exclusive Villages spread out across Europe (Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Dublin) and China (Shanghai). Each one is unique.

And it all began in England all the way back in 1995. Plan a visit to the Bicester Village just 60minutes outside of London with our Airconditioned Taxi’s which can carry up to six passengers, Start feeling the luxury treatment already at the very start of your trip, arrive in style, in one of the comfortable Taxi’s. While you are enjoying the shopping our driver will be on standby, waiting to pick up you and your purchases and then deliver you to home safely or to another destination of your choosing.

Bicester Village brings all of your favorite designers (and the ones you are just about to find out about) in one, beautiful place! Discover the most exciting brands whose products you can get at incredible prices, saving up to 60% in comparison to retail prices! Clothes, bags, shoes, watches, beauty products, jewelry… this unprecedented mix of brands is there all year round (keep coming back to see the newest seasonal arrivals).

Right next to stores from Prada, Gucci, Versace, and many more, you can also enjoy a fine meal in exquisite restaurants and cafes. As they tell you in Bicester Village: “Eat. Drink. Shop. Repeat”. Sounds like a great plan!

Trips to either Chessington World of Adventure OR Thorpe Park theme world
Would you like to go on an adventure? We prepared two separate, very attractive options in our day tour offers! Below choose the park you think will be most interesting for your family and enjoy being driven there and back in the comfort of our airconditioned taxi.

Chessington World Of Adventure might be located just 17 miles from the heart of London, but it really is a different world out there. Imagine spending a day amongst over 1000 of the wildest and cutest land animals from around the planet (lions, gorillas, penguins, iguanas, capybaras) and underwater creatures in the Sea Life section of the Zoo! And when you finish your zoo-tour, go on to trying out all of the different rides: some scary, some super-fast, and some perfect for children. Consider visiting on special events like Halloween or Christmas.

Thorpe Park Theme World is – as their slogan goes – “an island like no other”. One of the major theme parks in the UK with unique, thrilling rollercoasters (like the official The Walking Dead Ride), water rides (the gigantic Tidal Wave), a “Black Mirror”-inspired labyrinth and even a full Angry Birds themed area. So if you like going up to 205 feet in the air at 80mph, want to be scared in the world’s first horror roller-coaster based on the movie “SAW” or just feel like spending some time watching your kids enjoy attractions inspired by their favorite cartoons – then Thorpe Park Theme World is the place for you.

Both parks offer on-site accommodation for their guests wishing to stay overnight.