Best destinations for London Full-Day Tour by Black Cab

London is a beautiful attraction for experiencing different destinations, all situated nearby. The place is full of vibes and has an astounding sense in terms of fashion, style, automobiles, properties etc. the only loophole you can come across is the traffic running on the roads. As the place never settles in, you can say that the time never stops, even during the late night hours, the roads are packed with party animals. To steer clear of all the inconveniences, Book A London Taxi Online by Londonstaxi. Usually, people start their journey to explore from Gatwick Airport, transportation done through Black Cabs is the most trusted option as seen in London. If you are new to the city or have just arrived as a tourist, then these are the best desirable locations that will mesmerise you: 


  • The London Eye

It’s simple to reserve a seat on this enormous wheel. So that you can soar through the air and take in breathtaking city vistas since it opened in 2000 to commemorate the Millennium. The only views of London that can compare to those from the top of the London Eye are those from the Shard. But the one you see in the London Eye is way more entertaining! You can book a London taxi for tours of the London Eye. If the morning is clear and crisp, it’s a terrific way to start the day, but the vista is breathtaking even on a foggy day.


  • Hampton Court Palace

This enormous castle complex is extremely beautifully kept, like a little village. There are lovely grounds and a maze, and all the rooms may be explored in a single day while learning about Henry VIII and his way of life. You can either book a black cab or take a train to Waterloo. 


  • The Tower Of London

When travellers arrive at Gatwick airport, they frequently make a beeline for this, one of London’s most well-known attractions. The destination usually falls under the London Full-Day Tour by Black Cab. You can enjoy viewing the Crown Jewels without sharing them with hundreds of others. 


  • Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace can be visited once a while from inside at a time in the year. Notwithstanding, during other phases, you can enjoy it from outside. But you must be vigilant as the guards usually change, and at such times you need to find the perfect time to find a seat in the front row. 


  • St. Paul’s Cathedral

One of the top attractions is this famous London building. You’ll probably see it as you get to your lodging. You can Book A London Taxi Online and tour the cathedral with a guide or explore on your own. To experience the Whispering Gallery, climb to the top. If you have the strength, climb for another stunning city vista.    


  • Hyde Park

One of London’s most famous and desirable tourist destinations in Hyde Park. Since 1635, visitors have had access to this 350-acre open space, which is the largest in the city. It has Serpentine Lake, a manufactured body of water well-known for swimming and boating. Speaker’s Corner and Apsley House are a couple of further attractions.


  • Big Ben

Big Ben is undoubtedly an iconic structure and the first thing that springs to mind when you think of London. This is one of London’s top locations. 


  • St. John’s Gate

The Hogarth family resided in the gate tower, and we can see William as a little boy sitting at a window and drawing ideas for his later engravings. His father was a zealous Latin enthusiast who had a fantasy of writing a Latin dictionary. Everyone had to speak Latin, or at the very least learn how to speak it, at his coffee shop.


  • South Needle

This sleek spike at the Southwark end of London Bridge fits in so well with the beige-gray business buildings nearby, or even the Shard on the horizon, that it is practically undetectable to the visitors and commuters passing by. It is 16 metres long, slightly tilted, and constructed of Portland stone. It commemorates the approximate location of the big stone gate, one of the first sights visitors see as they approach the city, where traitors’ heads were impaled on wooden spears for over 400 years.


  • Crossbones Garden

This untamed garden, formerly a pauper’s burial place and now a shrine to the outcast dead, is where the residents of Southwark are remembered. Local poet John Constable has written extensively about it. Rusted railings are wrapped in colourful ribbons to remember both more recent tragedies and the nameless, forgotten impoverished of ages past.



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